You can find the new Redpill Action here:

Why a New Site?

The new website was created by my good American friends at National Expanse, I wish them well and I’m grateful for the safety net they’ve granted me for my creative endeavours.

And that’s the entire reason I wanted a new site. I can do practically anything I want (as long as I know how to do it) without the fear of WordPress giving me the boot.


This WordPress will remain up, but it’s obsolete. I have made many changes to the new website that have allowed my stylistic expression to come out in a way less limiting than here on wordpress. My about section has been thoroughly expanded, probably a bit too much as I tend to overwrite as I get more and more carried away with my thoughts.

A few of my articles have been updated also, particularly my articles on Shirer and the Czechs where I have reworded some of my awkward phrasing.

I also have a new publishing arm for future projects. I’m responsible for and have now available the 4th edition of SIEGE which can now be independently published for those who enjoy physical books.

I have many projects upcoming, but my life is busy and I’m only one person. I do want to work with others to put out more content and finish more projects. I am quite capable to do this alone but the time it takes is laborious. I also have to consider my mental health which is seemingly in a constant state of flux. Because of this the many projects I have 50% -80% completed I haven’t been able to finish, partially because the research and quality I demand of myself I want to be as high as possible. If it cannot be then I simply won’t work at all.

I am looking for people to help me research and speed up this process, but finding those kind of people has been a chore in and of itself.

In any case. The new website is up, it is fresh (I hope) and ready for ACTION!

Heil Hitler!

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